Pure Dead Sea Mud Masks, Wraps & Creams
 Reveal Your Hidden Inner Beauty To The World with
Detoxifying & Firming
Pure Dead Sea Mud
Now you can finally pamper yourself with the luxury of a high-end spa right in your home and bring out your inner glow by cleansing away the old and revealing the new you underneath.

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The Dead Sea is often referred to as the world’s largest natural spa – and for good reason. The minerals and nutrients found in the salt water and black mud native to the region have proven health and cosmetic benefits for every skin type. Don’t worry, you don’t have to visit the Dead Sea to reap the benefits, since -417 has harnessed the limitless power of Dead Sea mud to create a series of exceptional beauty products you can use at your very own at-home spa. With regular use, you’ll be able see real results on your face and body, and feel better than ever.

For the ultimate Dead Sea spa experience, pick up our Catharsis Mud Body Wrap – a mud mask made of pure, rich black mud from the lowest place on earth. Feel your body respond to the miraculous mud as it relaxes, cleanses, nourishes, calms and tightens your skin, all while renewing skin cells and improving skin texture. The mud can also help soothe muscle and bone pain, allowing you to fully relax and indulge in the experience.  

Another scientifically proven benefit of Dead Sea mud is detoxification. The mud gently pulls toxins and impurities, exfoliating the skin. If you have oily or breakout prone skin, try our Firming Mud Body Foaming Scrub, which gently exfoliates to firm skin while retaining its natural moisture. This leaves skin soft and supple, and more receptive to the remainder of your skincare routine.

Don’t let your face have all the fun! Dead Sea cosmetic mud is incredibly useful for the body, increasing circulation and helping bring vital nutrients such as sodium, magnesium, iron, chloride, calcium and potassium to your cells. Using a lotion such as our Rich Mud Butter for hands, feet and your body can do all of this, and improve your skin’s texture and smoothness over time. 

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Those dealing with various skin conditions, from psoriasis to vitiligo, have long known about the healing power of Dead Sea mud. But it can truly transform your skin’s condition, appearance and feel, even if you have normal, dry or oily skin with no special condition. All this, in a relatively short time, and with nothing but pure, natural ingredients.

As an added bonus to this already impressive substance, Dead Sea mud is even recommended for use if you suffer from pain associated with sports injuries, tendonitis or just plain sore muscles after a rigorous workout. Use it like a spot treatment – lay on a thick layer on the sore area, and relax as the pain reduces significantly.

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