Dead Sea Facial & Body Cleansers for Daily Use

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Mineral Hydrating Facial wash

Make your daily facial cleanser work wonders by gently removing all the makeup, oils, pollution, dirt, and grime so that your other treatments can work their magic to give you that stunning radiance you’ve always wanted to achieve.


Facial cleansers come in many forms: Scrubs, soaps, foams and even balms. Your facial cleanser is an essential and central step in your daily beauty routine, arguably the most important skincare step. It’s usually followed by serums, creams and masks, and if the skin isn’t purified beforehand, their effectiveness is diminished. Moreover, you should probably be using a skin cleanser more than once per day, especially if you tend to wear make up on a daily basis.

To find the best facial cleanser, you should first determine your skin’s type and condition. Dry skin could benefit from an oil-based cleanser, while combination and oily skin need entirely different ingredients. However, even if your skin is oily, it’s important to stay away from harsh, overly drying cleansers that will strip away the skin’s natural moisture barrier, even if you should, ideally, be hydrating after cleansing.

To balance skin texture, help with toning and even occasional breakouts, try -417’s Moist Balance Milk Cleanser. It will gently cleanse even the most sensitive skin quickly and effectively, removing make up, dirt and other impurities from the face, including the eye area. This fluid milky cleanser is unlike any other, with an irresistible scent that’s all natural thanks to the Dead Sea minerals it holds within.

Our Rich Mineral Soap is suitable for all skin types, and helps balance the skin’s optimal pH level, softening and evening complexion over time. It packs all the power of Dead Sea mud in a simple bar of soap. If you have oily skin, try our bestselling Hygienic Mud Soap, the very best cleanser to stop breakouts and acne.

For those interested in a cleanser with anti aging benefits, look no further than our Whitening Cleansing Soap. This foaming facial soap gel is lightweight and great for refreshing the skin on a daily basis, helping to brighten sun and age spots, scars and other hyper-pigmented areas, for a healthy glow.

Sometimes, you need a deeper cleanse – and that’s what exfoliating is for. Our strong yet gentle Micro Luffa Foaming Gel is a perfect solution: Massage it all over your face with water and enjoy a regenerating cleanse thanks to Luffa beans. This action speeds up micro circulation and removes impurities such as blackheads, make up and dead skin cells, clearing the way for clearly visible results. Skin cells are renewed frequently, and skin becomes soft, smooth, taught and hydrated.

Cleansing is crucial, but don’t stop there: After cleansing, apply your serums and wait a few short minutes before proceeding to moisturizing. Your cleansed skin will soak up the moisture a lot better, maximizing the benefits of the cream you use.

Dead Sea cosmetics enrached with Natual minerals and Vegan ingredients, the best skin care products for all skin types including for sensitive skin.

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