Mineral Brightening Collection for a Natural and shiny Glowing Skin

There Is A Whiter Lighter You Underneath Just Waiting For You To Reveal It With

Feel The Confidence of
Even Skin Tone

Become amazed by seeing the results of your whiter, brighter skin emerging after each continued use and watch as your discolorations, age spots and blotches diminish revealing the empowering, lighter look you’ve always wanted.

At -417 we have a vast range of products that will help improve pigmentation and uneven skin tone over time. Our skin-brightening products help diminish the look of dark spots, age spots and past acne scars to reveal smooth, even skin that feels like luxurious silk.

Benefits of having an even skin tone

We used to think of lines and wrinkles as being the cardinal sign of aging. Now we’ve learned an uneven tone is probably the first sign of aging. When skin is more even-toned, you look younger. So whatever we can do to even out skin tone will, in turn, make our skin, and us, look more youthful. The appearance of uneven skin tone on the face, chest, and hands is a clear sign of aging skin, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. With the right mix of products, you really can get your youthful glow back! We’ll share the most effective skin-brightening formulas and help you narrow down the choices by skin type.


Medically speaking, hyperpigmentation is merely the development of an area which is darker in color than the surrounding skin. Having an even skin tone is essential for people of all skin colors, but especially of concern to women with darker skin colors.

Changes in skin color

The most common causes are sun exposure and melasma, which is a condition that affects primarily pregnant women and women taking birth control pills. Another common cause is what we call post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, a darkening that can occur after an injury to the skin, such as an acne lesion or a burn. A dark patch will mark the area where the skin has healed.

Treat pigmentation

Use mild, regular exfoliation to help lift off the excess pigment. Also, use anti-irritant ingredients to help soothe and calm the skin since irritation is a cardinal cause of hyperpigmentation. Moreover, finally, protect your skin from sun exposure since ultraviolet light darkens skin—especially areas already affected by hyperpigmentation.

Sun protection

Daily use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 30, or higher is the number one way to stave off the appearance of uneven skin tone. If used as directed with other sun protection measures, it also decreases the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun. You will never get the brighter complexion you want without this all-important skincare step – so give in to the uncommon sensations and try it.

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