Mineral Hair Care for Strengthened & Shiny Hair

Strengthen, Revitalize And Rejuvenate Your Hair To A Luscious Sheen With

Intense Shining
Mineral Hair Care

Fully hydrate and replenish your hair with the Dead Sea Mineral  shampoo and conditioner that remineralizes your hair back into the ultra-manageable lustrous condition you’ve always wanted.

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500ml ( )

Luxurious haircare

Treat tresses to the ultimate in luxury haircare with -417’s range of strengthening, damage-defying, hydrating, volumizing, frizz-taming, curl-tamin g products for lustrous locks that no one can resist. Our range includes shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments and styling essentials, expertly crafted for everyday use or for more targeted therapies for specific concerns. Stock up on our edit of hardworking, hair-nourishing heroes and discover easy to manage hair, at last.

Luxury shampoos

Saturate scalps and hydrate hair courtesy of the latest in luxury haircare technology. Formulated to target key concerns, whether they be dry, oily, thinning or flat hair, color protection or anti-frizz, treat your locks to a healthy boost from root to tip with the best shampoos from -417.

Luxury conditioners

Restore moisture to tired, stressed-out hair with our luxury edit of hard-working conditioners. Formulated for every hair type, from curly tresses to straight locks, hydrate hair from root to tip with innovative formulas enriched with active ingredients. Including cult products from -417, hair is restored, rejuvenated and ready to be styled to perfection.

Luxury hair treatments

Daily stresses and harsh styling can leave hair looking and feeling lackluster, so turn to our selection of luxurious hair therapies to boost your haircare regime and restore shine and strength to dull, tired tresses. From products that care for your scalp to treatments that add elasticity to damaged hair, you can rest assured you’ll always discover uncommon sensations and an irresistible fresh scent.

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