Calming the Body and Mind: Meditation for Beginners

Everyone can find their moment and time and for five minutes do nothing

And just to give our soul a rest, and to get strength and inner peace

Even if it’s just for a few hours or even a few minutes.

It sounds hard to sit and do nothing, and think about nothing, but it’s possible and can even be pleasant.

Moreover, after doing it once, you immediately become addicted to this feeling.

If you’ve never meditated before, we invite you to start trying:

Try to sit down when you’ve finished most of your tasks or when you know you still have plenty of time to finish them.

Start by sitting in the quietest place there is with low light and it’s better not to be able to spot the light source.

Without listening to music.

Sitting comfortably on a chair or pillow, whatever is comfortable.

Without any shoes or tight clothing interfering.

Start by breathing deeply through your nose.

Effortlessly inhale and exhale through your mouth.

We will repeat the sequence of these breaths about 5 times.

If you feel it’s pleasant, you can continue with it.

It is a miracle to feel the air entering and dispersing throughout the body.

Imagine it coming out of the body and then entering it again and dispersing.

All effortlessly and peacefully.

Concentrate on the movement of air and sensations in the body.

Try to feel currents or some movement from your feet as well

And if any thoughts come in, concentrate again on the breath and try to discern where the sensations in the body exist.

They can be light beats, like our heartbeat, only in other organs, or just a feeling of dispersion and movement of our air.

If you don’t feel any of these things, concentrate on the tip of your nose, where the air comes in and try to feel something in that specific area.

Another area where you want to feel something is the tip of your head.

The next step is to try to feel some kind of flow coming from the ground and rising upwards.

Through the calves, knees, thighs, abdomen, chest

The neck and various parts of the face

Imagine how this flow continues to rise above your head so that there is a fountain of sensations (even if it is strange) flowing from the earth to the sky while you are connected to it through your body and organs.

Concentrate on this flow: up, down

And if there’s a place that takes longer to move on to the next organ, give it time.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a certain area, try to change direction and skip it.

The next step is to imagine

Flowers, raindrops, feathers or anything else that caresses you from the sky and rains down, gives you a feeling of relaxation downward, until they disappear and are absorbed into the soil.

Repeat this operation several times

This is the first experience of meditation

Moty Fridman,

Certified Therapist

Theta Healing, Access Bars

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