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The Ultimate 4-Step Fall Beauty Routine

Ah, fall. Sweater weather, boots, jackets. Pumpkin and fall-themed drinks and activities. The beautiful foliage. The temperature. Halloween, Thanksgiving. It’s so many people’s favorite season. For good reason! It also inspires changes to people’s beauty routines as the weather is cooling down and the humidity is dropping – resulting in dry air and even drier […]

Sleep and Aging Beauty Tips

Did you know that on a daily basis, your skin is exposed to many environmental aggressions? During the day, the skin focuses on protection, while at night it focuses on repairing the damage that occurred during the day and prepares itself for the next morning. Several studies show that poor sleep quality causes premature aging […]

Sleep & Skincare, Are You Doing it Right?

Sleeping gives your skin a chance to repair and regenerate. Give your skin what it needs by getting enough quality rest each night! Sleep is necessary for healthy-looking skin so don’t skimp on this essential step! By: Tanya Harris Your Skin Needs a Little Extra TLC at Night Night creams are designed to work while […]

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