Skincare Post Pandemic

As the new year is upon us, consumers are taking a different approach to skincare in the post pandemic era; prioritize care for the long term over short-term enhancement. The idea is to plan for the future of your skin. Healthy skin is now at the forefront, a change from the instant glow and beautification trend. As a result, sun care and skin health are of prime focus nowadays.

Between 2 and 3 million people globally are diagnosed with skin cancer each year and rates of melanoma have been rising rapidly over the last 30 years. With no more Covid restrictions, people are spending more time outdoors and people are seeking products that will protect them while being exposed to external aggressors plus offer UV protection. Products that not only protect against the elements, but also contain gentle, naturally-sourced ingredients.

Every year, more and more people are understanding the concept of ‘health’ as encompassing both mental and physical traits and the skin being a huge part of measuring internal health and general wellbeing. Wellness spaces and practices are emerging, combining nature and medicine. This preventative mindset is driving demand for alternative treatments and experiences meant to boost mental health as well. A glowing, clear complexion is a good indication that the body is in a healthy state.

We, at -417 invite you to explore sensual textures, enjoy irresistible fragrances, see wishful, unexpected results and live the Dead Sea experience. We included a few of our favorite products from our collections below with some tips on how to get the best use out of our products!

Our Night Recovery A-Cream, enriched with retinol, will leave your skin smoother, softer and looking younger for a glowing complexion. Experience the glowing complexion that a true, well developed retinol formula can deliver. Rejoice at the sensation of firmer, tighter, smoother-feeling skin that brings in the compliments as others notice the changes. To use, at night before bed apply a thin layer to the face (avoiding the eye and neck areas) and massage until fully rubbed in. Do not use in combination with serums. It is recommended to be used 4 times per year as a one-month treatment each time. Avoid strong sun exposure at any time while using this product.

The Time Reverse Night Facial Serum, enriched with anti-aging ingredients, dramatically reduces the visible signs of aging. The unique sugar molecule creates an amazing gel that lubricates the skin into a far softer and more pliable state where a sensational, softer, more youthful appearance emerges. After you apply it there is a natural reducing action that tightens and smooths the skin in a way other formulas simply cannot match. To use, apply a small amount of serum onto clean and dry skin each day. Pat with your fingertip until fully absorbed.

Our Mineral Aqua Perfection Face Moisturizer – Normal to Dry Skin infuses the skin with natural active ingredients that maintains the skin’s moisture barrier. Its ‘aqua-like texture’ hydrates the skin perfectly with a satin finishing effect. It helps retain the skin’s moisture throughout the day and allows for full rehydration of any losses at night. To use, apply a thin layer daily on cleansed face and neck, gently massaging in until fully absorbed.

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