Using Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients have become increasingly popular in the cosmetics industry, particularly in products marketed for anti-aging. Here are some natural ingredients that are commonly used in anti-aging cosmetics and their potential benefits:

Retinol: Retinol, a form of vitamin A, is a potent anti-aging ingredient that can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. It works by promoting the production of collagen and increasing cell turnover.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help to protect the skin from free radical damage and promote collagen production. It can also help to brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots and discoloration.

Hyaluronic acid: Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body that can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. It helps to hydrate and plump the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Green tea extract: Green tea extract is a potent antioxidant that can help to protect the skin from environmental damage and reduce inflammation. It also contains compounds that can help to promote collagen production and improve skin elasticity.

Coenzyme Q10: Coenzyme Q10 is a natural substance that helps to protect the skin from oxidative damage and promote collagen production. It can also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

At -417, it is our mission to awaken your senses with an exclusive clean, sustainable beauty experience using high quality natural ingredients, and beauty inspirations to spark happiness, joy, and love. Our products and treatments are created with formulas combining technology and well-being for a positive, transformative effect on both body and mind.

Feel the unique Dead Sea mud experience wherever you may be. Discover uncommon sensations by indulging your senses. We included a few of our favorite products from our Serenity Legend collection below with some tips on how to get the best use out of our products!

Feel the ultimate relaxation and soothing experience of pure Dead Sea Mineral Salts after a long day. The salts enhance your skin’s ability to retain water and promotes optimal skin hydration. See a difference in skin and scalp conditions naturally without any of the harsh chemicals most resort to. To use, add in approximately 50 grams as you begin drawing your bath, gently swirling them in the water for best distillation. Bathe for 15 to 20 minutes to enjoy the salt benefits.

Treat yourself to our super-rich Aromatic Deep Nutrition Body Butter enriched with precious Dead Sea water & shea butter. Provides deep nutrition to the skin as well as calming properties. It nourishes and relaxes the skin while protecting it from UV radiations and prevents aging skin. Massage onto clean skin until fully absorbed. We recommend it for daily use.

We love the Soft & Fresh Moisturizing Shower Gel because it removes the unwanted buildup of pollutants, toxins, dirt and grime that you’re subjected to on a daily basis and leaves your skin nourished, relaxed and ready for more intensive treatments. It prevents aging skin caused by harmful chemical-based shower gels, while leaving your skin nourished, soft, and smooth. To use, pour a small amount onto a sponge or into the palm of the hand. Massage over your entire body and then rinse off with water.


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